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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Using Archiva as a Mirror
Date Mon, 04 Sep 2006 03:28:58 GMT
Hi Andreas,

The first thing that you should know is that this code isn't all  
finished (nor the documentation, as you can tell).

Once you have created a managed repository + proxy, you can use:
from Maven (assuming the repository manager is http://localhost:8080/).

This will trigger downloads internally as needed to retrieve the  

If you have multiple managed repositories that proxy to others, you  
can use:

As for indexing, this runs hourly by default. Currently, the proxy  
doesn't automatically index new artifacts though there is an issue  
open to do that.

- Brett

On 04/09/2006, at 4:57 AM, Andreas Guther wrote:

> How to use Archiva as Maven2 Mirror
> Hi,
> I have build and installed the Archiva Maven Repository Manager  
> (MRM) on
> a Tomcat 5.5.17 instance on the same server I have running an Apache
> server which serves as our internal Maven Repository.
> From what I read in the book "Better Builds with Maven" I can use the
> MRM as a proxy and that is exactly what I am trying to get to run  
> right
> now.
> I would like to start a mirror on that server.  I have created a new
> folder (maven2-central-proxy) in the same space that is used by Apache
> to server our internal Maven repositories. I have added the  
> directory to
> the Managed Repositories in the Administration dialog of MRM. (BTW:  
> Copy
> and Paste from my configuration can be found at the bottom of this
> email.)
> Under "Proxied Repositories" I have added the Ibiblio URL
> Unfortunately I can not figure out how to connect the dots now.   
> How can
> I use this set-up as a proxy?  I am missing some configuration  
> steps and
> hope someone on this list can point me to some documentation or  
> explain
> his or her configuration similar to what I want to achieve.
> Oh, another thing:  the maven-metadata.xml file is updated but nothing
> is indexed in the assigned index folder though I have manually  
> copied a
> few folders from our current internal repository.
> Is there any documentation I am missing that could help me better in
> understanding the configuration settings?
> Thanks in advance for any hint or help.
> Andreas
> Below is a copy and paste from the two configuration dialogs of MRM.
> Configuration
> Index Directory
> E:\maven\repositories\maven2-central-proxy\maven-archiva-index 	
> Indexing Schedule 	0 0 * * * ? 	Run Now
> Edit Configuration
> Managed Repositories
> Edit Repository | Delete Repository
> MarketTools Maven2 Central Repository Proxy
> Identifier 	maven2-central-proxy
> Directory 	E:\maven\repositories\maven2-central-proxy
> Type 	Maven 2.x Repository
> Snapshots Included 	
> Indexed 	
> Add Repository
> Proxied Repositories
> Edit Repository | Delete Repository
> Maven Central Repository
> Identifier 	ibiblio
> Type 	Maven 2.x Repository
> Snapshots 	
> Releases 	Updated daily
> Proxied through 	MarketTools Maven2 Central Repository Proxy
> (maven2-central-proxy)
> Use HTTP Proxy 	
> Cache Failures 	
> Fail Whole Group 	
> Add Repository

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