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From "Andreas Guther" <>
Subject Using Archiva as a Mirror
Date Sun, 03 Sep 2006 18:57:25 GMT
How to use Archiva as Maven2 Mirror


I have build and installed the Archiva Maven Repository Manager (MRM) on
a Tomcat 5.5.17 instance on the same server I have running an Apache
server which serves as our internal Maven Repository.

>From what I read in the book "Better Builds with Maven" I can use the
MRM as a proxy and that is exactly what I am trying to get to run right

I would like to start a mirror on that server.  I have created a new
folder (maven2-central-proxy) in the same space that is used by Apache
to server our internal Maven repositories. I have added the directory to
the Managed Repositories in the Administration dialog of MRM. (BTW: Copy
and Paste from my configuration can be found at the bottom of this

Under "Proxied Repositories" I have added the Ibiblio URL

Unfortunately I can not figure out how to connect the dots now.  How can
I use this set-up as a proxy?  I am missing some configuration steps and
hope someone on this list can point me to some documentation or explain
his or her configuration similar to what I want to achieve.

Oh, another thing:  the maven-metadata.xml file is updated but nothing
is indexed in the assigned index folder though I have manually copied a
few folders from our current internal repository.

Is there any documentation I am missing that could help me better in
understanding the configuration settings?

Thanks in advance for any hint or help.


Below is a copy and paste from the two configuration dialogs of MRM.

Index Directory
Indexing Schedule 	0 0 * * * ? 	Run Now

Edit Configuration
Managed Repositories
Edit Repository | Delete Repository
MarketTools Maven2 Central Repository Proxy
Identifier 	maven2-central-proxy
Directory 	E:\maven\repositories\maven2-central-proxy
Type 	Maven 2.x Repository
Snapshots Included 	

Add Repository

Proxied Repositories
Edit Repository | Delete Repository
Maven Central Repository
Identifier 	ibiblio
Type 	Maven 2.x Repository
Releases 	Updated daily
Proxied through 	MarketTools Maven2 Central Repository Proxy
Use HTTP Proxy 	
Cache Failures 	
Fail Whole Group 	

Add Repository

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