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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [ANN] Apache Ant 1.9.16 and 1.10.11 Released
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2021 17:20:05 GMT
Hash: SHA1

The Apache Ant Team is pleased to announce the releases of Apache Ant
1.9.16 and 1.10.11.

Apache Ant is a Java library and command-line tool that helps building

The Apache Ant team currently maintains two lines of development. The
1.9.x releases require Java5 at runtime and 1.10.x requires Java8 at
runtime. Both lines are based off of Ant 1.9.7 and the 1.9.x releases
are mostly bug fix releases while additional new features are developed
for 1.10.x. We recommend using 1.10.11 unless you are required to use
versions of Java prior to Java8 during the build process.

Ant 1.10.11 contains a superset of 1.9.16 - with the exception of a few
tasks and features that no longer work with Java8 anyway (like the apt

Both releases address potential denial of service vulnerabilities, see
the upcoming CVE announcement or
for details.

Source and binary distributions are available for download from the
Apache Ant download site:

When downloading, please verify signatures using the KEYS file available
at the above location when downloading the release.

Changes in 1.10.11 include:

Fixed bugs:
- -----------

 * a race condition could lead to NullPointerExceptions when running
   tasks in parallel.
   Bugzilla Report 65316

 * fixed potential OutOfMemory errors when reading broken archives
   using the tar or zip formats or formats derived from zip.

Other changes:
- --------------

 * now
   has a new protected createExecuteWatchdog() method for allowing it to be overriden.
   Github Pull Request #147

 * Upgraded AntUnit to 1.4.1.

Changes in 1.9.16 include:

Other changes:
- --------------

 * Upgraded AntUnit to 1.4.1.

Fixed bugs:
- -----------

 * Fixes a bug where the ant-testutil-sources.jar that gets published to Maven
   central repository didn't contain any source files.
   Bugzilla Report 65110

 * fixed potential OutOfMemory errors when reading broken archives
   using the tar or zip formats or formats derived from zip.

For complete information on Ant, including instructions on how to submit
bug reports, patches, or suggestions for improvement, see the Apache Ant

Stefan Bodewig, on behalf of the Apache Ant community
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