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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Tests in Surefire
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2018 10:25:29 GMT
On 2018-10-20, Gintautas Grigelionis wrote:

> I believe that in order to execute Ant test suite in Surefire one must
> configure basedir which unfortunately affects Ant test projects.

I'm not sure I share the goal of trying to run the tests via Surefire at

Antoine has been the one who set up the maven poms and I don't remember
us ever discussing what we wanted to achieve there. To me they've been a
vehicle to get decent POMs for the jars we publish to Maven Central, not
more. Here "decent" means "specifies the correct dependencies" and not
even "can be used to compile hte jar". I think it has outgrown my
personal minimal requirement by far, so others must have had bigger
plans :-)

I do not believe we've been aware of Surefire bugs that prevented
running. We've most likely never cared (and I still don't, obviously :-)

> Perhaps it would make sense to have a magic property that (in
> combination with detection of Surefire environment) would allow
> BuildFileRule to call System.clearProperty("basedir")?

If that's all it would take to make them work, that's fine with me. If
we need further modifications to the tests them I'm not sure.


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