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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: Migrating Ivy and IvyDE site to asciidoc
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2018 15:38:35 GMT

> Le 23 avr. 2018 à 17:23, Matt Sicker <> a écrit :
> For what it's worth, I used pandoc <> to automate most of
> the conversion from xdoc and markdown to asciidoc over at Log4j. The only
> struggles I had with that tool are that it supports HTML, not xdoc, so it
> doesn't understand the section/subsection/etc. tags, and it doesn't output
> the correct syntax for nested tables (need to convert | to ! in a nested
> table).

Very interesting.
I won’t have time to investigate if it is useful here, since xooki2ascii is working. But
if pandoc can do a better job, I am all ears.
At least next time I’ll probably start with that.


> On 23 April 2018 at 08:25, Nicolas Lalevée <>
> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to go forward and migrate the part of the site about Ivy and
>> IvyDE to asciidoc, since it has gone well for the documentation about Ivy
>> and IvyDE.
>> So first, is OK for everybody ?
>> Reminding of the pros: way faster, more standard source of doc. For the
>> cons: not 'html-hackable’ easily, see below about the home page.
>> For a first base of the discussion, I have give it a shot. I have reused
>> the xooki2asciidoc tool developed for Ivy's documentation. And I have done
>> a first run, committed the result of the asciidoc files. I think that since
>> the amount of the pages is reasonable, the quality is fine enough and can
>> fix the page manually from there.
>> You can see the generated site from the asciidoc files with: ant -f
>> build-doc.xml generate-site
>> The new site is generated in a ‘production2’ folder, so we do not mess
>> with the real site. It is only for testing purpose for now.
>> There are some cleanup to do, I haven't fix any page manually. If somebody
>> want to start, he is welcome to do so.
>> One page I am worried about is the main page [2]. I am not sure there are
>> some sane asciidoc directives to render something similar. If you already
>> have ideas, please share. If I remember correctly there is directive to
>> blindly render content, which could be html, as a fall back.
>> Then, if we’re OK with the change, and if we find something suitable to
>> generate the Home page, we prepare a new version of the site, pushing
>> somewhere so we can review it online. Once happy with the result, we
>> switch. And then we apply the same process with the site for IvyDE. Sounds
>> good ?
>> Nicolas
>> [1] <
>> index.html>
> -- 
> Matt Sicker <>

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