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From Jaikiran Pai <>
Subject Re: Ivy release this month?
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2018 13:26:52 GMT

>>>>     - (a one-liner; anybody
>>>>     sees some side effects?)
>>> I don't understand the issue. Is this a documented way of using Ivy or
>>> why would anybody expect it to be possible to invoke Ant via the Ivy
>>> jar?
>> Somebody was interested enough to open a JIRA issue. And the case is around
>> the use which is definitely documented.
> Let me rephrase. Is this a use-case the Ivy developers want to support?

I am nervous about this change for multiple reasons:

     - I read that JIRA and I don't understand why Ivy jar is being used 
to call into Ant's Main class.
     - The JIRA doesn't provide any context nor did I find (in my 
limited search) that we support that use case.
     - The change being proposed involves a classloader (hierarchy) 
change which is what makes me nervous, since without knowing more on 
what we are trying to achieve here and why, it's difficult to say 
whatelse it might impact.
     - It also brings in additional deps and again comes back to the 
original question about what use case we are trying to support.

IMO, this is something that we can avoid changing.


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