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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject New Release(s)?
Date Sun, 18 Feb 2018 09:37:29 GMT
Hi all is a serious
regression in 1.10.2 and it has been fixed in master by now. The 1.9.x
branch has never been affected.

By now I have reviewed all changes of the really big commit that also
caused the regression. I found a few more places that needed fixes, but
most of them were in little used parts of Ant. I also found the same
refactoring commit fixed issues with the JAI types[1] and back-ported
them to 1.9.x - but doubt it is important as nobody has ever complained
so far.

We also probably fixed in both branches
and this one has explicitly been reported against 1.9.x. I'll add a few
tests to both branches before closing that.

I think we should release 1.10.3 soon - with or without the junit5 task
- but am unsure about 1.9.11. What do you think? I'd volunteer to create
only a 1.10 release but also to do both at the same time.


[1] the "text" image operation completely ignored the bold and italic
attributes - and some of the draw operations probably didn't work
properly if they contained additional transformations and additional
draw operations as nested elements.

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