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From Jaikiran Pai <>
Subject Ivy release instructions
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2018 13:09:26 GMT
In order to move towards a release soon, I decided to come up with an 
initial set of instructions that we might have to follow to generate the 
release. Most of the instructions have been borrowed from Ant's release 
process. Furthermore, the instructions are based on my checking out the 
release build file and other such docs and as such hasn't been tried or 
verified. That's going to be the next step.

The release instructions file resides here 
and will needs edits/updates/fixes as we try it out. There's also some 
sections which have TODOs and we will have to add details to those sections.

Jan/Stefan/Nicolas, given your past experience with the project and 
releases in general, would you be willing to initiate this process? The 
first round of this might not be publicly usable and we might have to 
redo the steps as and when we fix things in the release process. So 
maybe we should attempt an intermediate release before doing a 2.5.0.

I understand the release process is time consuming, so if neither of you 
would be able to get to this and if there's no objections, I can 
initiate these steps (and ask for specific help as I go along) for an 
intermediate release. Once this goes well, we can then have any of us do 
the final release (which should be much smoother).


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