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From Jaikiran Pai <>
Subject Github ant repo now integrated with Jenkins for pull request testing
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2017 14:35:31 GMT
We now have integrated our Jenkins build environment hosted by with our Ant github repo[1], such that whenever a pull 
request is submitted, it now triggers a build and runs tests against the 
submitted pull request and then comments/adds a status to the PR on how 
the build went. This is going to help us in doing some basic 
verification of the changes that's being proposed in the PR.

The job resides at [2]. Few details about this job:

1. The goal of this job is to run tests against the PR. It doesn't 
produce any binaries. Furthermore, unlike the Ant Matrix builds, this 
one does _not_ run against all possible combinations of JDK/OS.

2. This job has been configured to be run against Windows (for now). I 
decided to use Windows since that's the one where we usually run into 
issues and not many of us Ant developers are on Windows. I _might_ add 
another job for the PRs which tests against Linux, but I'm not sure if 
there's a easy way to do that. So for now, it's going to be just Windows.

3. This job uses Java 8 runtime to compile and run the tests, 
irrespective of which branch the PR is submitted against. What this 
means is even if you submit this PR against 1.9.x branch of Ant, the 
minimum compatible Java version of which is Java 5, this job will still 
use Java 8 to both compile and run the job. This means, it may not be 
able to catch certain (compilation or other) issues. I did not find a 
way to conditionally choose a JDK version for the job nor did I find a 
way to conditionally choose a job for a PR (based on what branch it is 
submitted). So we will have to do with this, till we support multiple 
branches. However, given that this is just for basic testing and there 
will be PR reviewers to actually do the review and then another round of 
tests that get triggered when the PR is merged, I'm not too worried 
about this constraint for now.

4. Finally, the regular Ant Matrix builds are unchanged and will 
continue to build after commits are pushed to relevant branches to the 
Ant upstream repo. Those jobs will remain unaffected by this change.

5. A very minor detail - I have intentionally named the job with a space 
character in its name so that the checkout location too will contain 
that space in the directory path (Jenkins uses the project name to 
create directories for the checked out job). This will allow us to catch 
certain issues we typically have with URI parsing and such. But that's 
just a minor detail and doesn't have anything to do with the PR 
integration itself.

The next few days, I'll probably try and see if I can get a Linux based 
job to run alongside this Windows job for PRs.

One other thing - unlike the similar integration we have for Ant Ivy 
job/repo, this one is much more advanced (in a good way) plugin that's 
been configured with this Ant repo. This has much more finer grained 
controls over what can be triggered and who can trigger/retrigger the 
jobs from pull requests. This still follows the apache build conventions 
and in fact uses the same technique as many other apache hosted projects 
do. I'll migrate the one for Ivy to this scheme once things settle down 
with this one.




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