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From Jaikiran Pai <>
Subject Re: AW: Ivy - No more support for commons-httpclient 2.x in runtime classpath?
Date Mon, 24 Jul 2017 06:11:09 GMT

On 24/07/17 11:23 AM, Jan Matèrne (jhm) wrote:
> While it's fine to have such a dynamic behaviour it's hard to maintain.
> On this special location - is it really required or could we use a fixed version
> (like current HttpComponents Client)
>    "HttpComponents Client is a successor of and replacement for Commons HttpClient 3.x.
>    Users of Commons HttpClient are strongly encouraged to upgrade."
I had been involved in a different project where we moved from Commons 
HttpClient 3.x to HttpComponents Client. The APIs, package names and 
some of the constructs have all changed in that new version. So moving 
to that version involves almost completely rewriting the integration 
layer. Having said that, it's a good version to move to (given the 
enhancements it brings in). I wasn't planning to move to that newer 
library in this release, but now that I am in that part of the code, I 
decided to take a much closer look of how easy/difficult (from a 
development point of view) this task is going to be. From a development 
point of view, it doesn't look like it's a very big task to move to this 
newer version given that most of our (internal) code interaction happens 
via a in-house wrapper interface over the HTTP client library. I have 
some spare hours later today, I'll see if I can come up with a patch 
that's functionally equivalent to what we have currently in Ivy with 
this newer library.

In short, dropping commons-httpclient 3.x and moving to the more latest 
HttpComponents Client sounds fine to me.


> So I'm +1 in dropping commons-http-2 support.
> What about dropping commons-http-3 too? Here I can't see the requirement for having this
> dynamic loading (but maybe someone else).
> Jan
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>> Von: Jaikiran Pai []
>> Gesendet: Montag, 24. Juli 2017 07:25
>> An:
>> Betreff: Ivy - No more support for commons-httpclient 2.x in runtime
>> classpath?
>> Ivy currently uses commons-httpclient for dealing with HTTP
>> repositories. This is an internal implementation detail of Ivy. The way
>> it's implemented, it allows the user to use a version of their choice,
>> of this library, by placing them in the runtime classpath (similar to
>> some other libraries we use). The implementation internally checks for
>> the presence of 2.x as well as 3.x version of library to decide which
>> version to use at _runtime_ [1].
>> At compile time, we use 3.x version of the library[2]. This leaves us
>> in a bit of a problem in that if we use the recommended APIs in 3.x (at
>> compile time) instead of the deprecated 2.x APIs or any 3.x API for
>> that matter in our code, unless we mandate 3.x version of the library
>> at runtime, users can run into classloading/library issues. Plus the
>> fact that we can't easily support this 2.x vs 3.x usage in the same Ivy
>> codebase.
>> So what I would like to propose is that for the upcoming release, we
>> mandate 3.x as the version that we support and expect users to have
>> that version of their library in the runtime classpath. In other words,
>> we no longer support 2.x of commons-httpclient in the upcoming release.
>> That will make it much more easier to manage the internal
>> implementation details without having to juggle with versions of the
>> library.
>> Any thoughts?
>> [1]
>> ivy/blob/master/src/java/org/apache/ivy/util/url/
>> #L224
>> [2]
>> -Jaikiran
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