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Subject Proposed changes for IVY-735 - Ability to specify timeouts
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2017 11:34:49 GMT is a feature request where 
the users have asked for relevant timeouts while dealing with downloads. 
A few weeks back we had a very brief discussion in an unrelated mail 
where it was proposed that we allow configuring these timeout all the 
way from ivy settings.

I have an initial proposal/attempt to implement this feature. The 
initial changes are here in my personal repo[1]. It's a work in progress 
commit which sets up the necessary interfaces and the flow to show what 
I have in mind. Before proceeding further, I would like some inputs on 
whether this looks fine. Here's a summary of what the changes are going 
to be:

- Each (dependency) resolver will have the ability to specify "timeout 

- These timeout constraints will be specified while defining the 
resolver in the ivy settings file. Imagine something like:



             <ibiblio ...>

                 <timeout-constraints connection-timeout="" 



- Each of the resolver will then use these timeout constraints (if 
specified) while resolving the module descriptor and downloading the 
artifacts and dealing with those resources.

- The absence of the timeout constraints will let the resolvers behave 
the way they do currently

The changes in the linked commit deprecate some APIs which weren't using 
timeouts and are replaced by APIs which pass along (an optional) 

In summary, the change being proposed is that (dependency) resolvers 
have the ability to specify these timeout constraints and then use them 
while dealing with module descriptors and artifacts. One thing I have 
(to some extent intentionally) left out is the ability to define a 
global Ivy settings level or "all resolvers" level timeout-constraints. 
That's because I'm not too sure if it adds much value instead of 
defining it at individual resolver level. I'm however open to adding 
that support as well.

The linked commit currently doesn't have the necessary support for 
parsing these additional XML elements, but if this whole approach looks 
fine, I will take this further and make sure things work as expected.




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