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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: IvyDE JIRA issues and changes for proposed release?
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2017 22:15:35 GMT

> Le 14 juin 2017 à 05:22, J Pai <> a écrit :
> There’s been some good progress on reviving the Ivy project (thanks Nicolas and Jan
for helping out with the reviews and merging PRs) and we seem to be moving towards a state
where the release is a possibility. The other project IvyDE (the Eclipse plugin) however needs
a bit more push I think. 
> I am not a Eclipse user nor do I have any experience with plugin development, so there’s
not much I can contribute on that front. However, there has been an external community member
whose team(?) seemed to be interested in contributing to that plugin and in fact seem to have
built some features on top of the current state of the plugin, in their own fork. They even
proposed the contribution on the mailing list[1]. I suggested they raise a PR (to make it
easier for review), but haven’t heard back. Given that and things in general, do we have
someone who has experience of the code base plus Eclipse plugins who can help review that
code? Furthermore, is there anything else the user has to do (like signing some CLA) for that

For a patch, due to its form, sending to the community a request for change, it is implied
that it is a donation to the ASF with proper copyrights, so it is OK. I might be an issue
if a contribution is only declared to be elsewhere (« look at my branch on github»). Sending
a patch via email, jira or a PR is considered OK.
And the CLA is mainly for the people directly contributing.

> I think in general, do we have someone experienced with the plugin who can look at some
of the IvyDE open JIRA issues/enhancements and decide which ones to fix in the upcoming release
and make sure things work fine with the proposed Ivy release itself?

As for Ivy, I am volunteering to apply patches. For what to release, when, how, I am relying
on the community to drive it.

There is one topic that I will probably push though, on both Ivy and IvyDE; and the site:
migrating to asciidoc. The migration I have wrote took me some time and is a kind of big hack.
So the sooner the migration will be done, the sooner contributing documentation will be easier.


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