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From Jaikiran Pai <>
Subject Re: Ivy - we have now moved to asciidoc for docs
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2017 05:59:01 GMT
A quick update on this one - I finished off the “settings” sections last week. There is
only one pending item that I’m trying to address in that section. The “Settings” page[1]
has a “Settings File Structure” section which tries to represent the Ivy settings XML
file structure as a tree. We have a similar one, one place else too (in Ivy file page). We
use a source code block to represent it. However, Asciidoc source code blocks are rendered
literally, so it won’t show up the links (as you’ll see in that page[1] currently). For
the Ivy page, I used “lists” to render the structure and that was “good enough"[2].
However, I can’t use the same here since Asciidoc (backed by asciidoctor generator) allows
a max list depth of 5 which means that any nested elements that exceed that depth won’t
be rendered correctly as a tree. The settings file structure goes beyond that depth limit
so it doesn’t work out well here.

Ultimately, we either have to remove that section (there’s already a “Child elements”
section which _almost_ conveys the same thing) or come up with a custom asciidoc “tree”
kind of block element to render this. Any thoughts?

By the way, I consider the settings section to be “done” in terms of migration. If anyone
however notices any discrepancies while doing a quick review of the rendered pages, feel free
to drop a mail.

I’m picking up “OSGi” section next.

[2] See “Hierarchical Index” section at


On 24-Jun-2017, at 7:18 PM, Nicolas Lalevée <> wrote:

>> And just an idea: since there are a lot of pages, maybe we could organize a review
at many, without useless double checks. I see 4 big parts in the doc: the ant tasks, the pages
related to the ivy file, the pages related to the ivysettings, and the other pages. If 4 volunteers
can do a quick review of each page, I think we can be pretty confident that we didn’t leave
any ugliness somewhere. The goal wouldn’t to do a fine grain review, but ensure that everything
is readable. wdyt ?
> Sounds a good idea. I’ll start off with the “Settings” which relates to the Ivy
settings file.

Great. I’ll take care of « Ivy Files ».


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