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From Jan Matèrne (jhm) <>
Subject AW: Ivy nightly builds - Generate a full .zip/.tar.gz snapshots?
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2017 19:58:42 GMT
> Would it be feasible to have a Jenkins daily job (runs once at a
> schedule) for Ivy which publishes the complete binary zip/tar.gz of Ivy
> nightly snapshots? I know we have a daily job currently here[1] which
> generates a jar as the artifact output of the job. Maybe this job
> itself can be changed to generate the full distributable binary
> .zip/.tar.gz?
> Where I plan to use such a job is, to have Ivy users have quick access
> to our nightly builds so that they can use those binaries just like
> they would for released versions. That way, we can ask the users to
> test out/verify any bug fixes we have pushed, in their own environments
> by installing those snapshots. Especially in cases where it’s hard to
> reproduce some bugs in first place (Windows OS for example). I
> understand they could probably do it even now using those jars we
> publish, but I would prefer the process of “installation” to be almost
> the same as what we would do with released binaries - i.e. use a
> .zip/.tar.gz with all relevant files in them.
> [1]

Not sure if that is that the right.
I set up a job which runs @daily, starts "ant -f build-release.xml snapshot-bin" and publishes


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