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From Jan Matèrne (jhm) <>
Subject AW: archiving EasyAnt
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2017 12:59:22 GMT
Back from holiday I want to do more about archiving EasyAnt.
My todo-list now is... there are some questions open I couldnt answer ...


Retire: Version Control
Most of our source code is in git, only "site" and "sandbox" use subversion.

--> only git for sources. Homepage in svn.
--> update EA-homepage
--> Should we only place a note on the hp or completely remove them.
    I prefer removing the complete homepage.

Ask infra to make the repository read-only. 
--> open (after updating the homepage)

Retire: Issue Tracker
If the subproject/component has its own issue tracker we have to close that.
It is enough to make it read-only, so these information are longer available. 
--> open; use Jira EASYANT
--> asked infra per

Retire: Announcement 
We have to announce the retirement of the subproject at dev@ant,
announce@apache and the Ant main page. 
--> open
   text proposal:
   The Ant PMC voted [1] to archive the EasyAnt subproject and all its
   modules. This means that all its resources are removed or made read only
   and no further development will be done.
   It also means that, if a community grows, the subproject could reactivated.


Retire: Releases 
The last released artifacts, if any, should be removed from the Apache
distribution server. To do so, remove any artifact related to the retired
subproject in (it is managed
with subversion). 
--> open, where is the repo?  

Retire: Free Further Resources 
Maybe a subproject locks further resources (update-site, ...). So we have to
unblock them. 
--> open: 
   There is a domain "": redirects to ea@ant homepage blog system (last entry 2013) an Artifactory instance
   Who owns that domain? What to do with these services? (shutdown ;)

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