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From Jan Matèrne (jhm) <>
Subject AW: archiving EasyAnt
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2017 07:03:20 GMT
> Even if i understand the purpose of archiving project without too much
> activity i don't get the point of shutting down home page and all
> related stuff (including old blog or even the domain name).
> For good or bad reason easyant build still rely on
> (see
> core/blob/master/ivysettings.xml  and related discussion
> platform-for-easyant-plugins-td5714096.html).
> Note that with the sources on apache side we should still be able to
> rebuild everything.
> I always thought apache projects needs to be "buildable"  during long
> (that's why we have and available,
> but what is the point of having them available if we even don"t have
> the available ressources to use it like the website/doc and so on ?? I
> mean all this contribute to the history of the project and turning off
> all those components/resource will clearly definitively kill the
> project.
> I may be nostalgic on that topic but do we really want to do that ?
> If you all believe we should stop thoses resources/components down,
> then fine i'll turn off everything, otherwise i will try to keep them
> up  (domain included) as much as i can.
> WDYT ?

I wasn't aware that the * resources were required for building EA.
Being able to build even an archived project is valuable as you said - even if _I_ think,
that we don't get new committers ...

But when these resources are required for building EA, why aren't they hosted on Apache infrastructure?
ATM we rely on external resources...


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