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From Loren Kratzke <>
Subject RE: question about an IDE
Date Wed, 01 Apr 2015 19:03:05 GMT
Generally speaking, Eclipse and Netbeans are both 100% capable IDEs for developing Java apps
or working with Ant projects (or developing Ant). I personally use Netbeans. Most people start
using an IDE and then continue to use that IDE forever. That is probably why your teacher
used JGrasp - so that he/she did not bias you toward any of the major IDEs.

If you want to use what most people use, then use Eclipse. The numbers say that there are
roughly equal numbers of users of both Netbeans and Eclipse but in my experience most people
use Eclipse and I think that is mostly because it is the first IDE they used and stuck with

The reason for that I think is because Netbeans was not in good shape when Eclipse started
getting traction (around a decade ago). That gave Eclipse a huge boost. Netbeans got its act
together shortly afterward and has been great ever since.

Netbeans is the practically the official Oracle IDE for Java so you will get Netbeans-specific
help from their Java tutorials. Fortunately, Netbeans does not require much training to use
so there is not much to teach.

My reasons for not using Eclipse are that (#1) I use Netbeans. My reasons for avoiding Eclipse
are that I do not like the way it handles projects, compilers, strange classpaths, basically
everything that it can piss on to make it its own, it pisses on to make it its own. That raises
bugs and other issues. Beyond that, the numbers don't lie. It is popular so must be ok.

The default Netbeans project structure was (and still is) based upon Ant if you create a project
from scratch. It boils down to being an Ant project. Can't say the same about Eclipse. Netbeans
also likes existing Ant projects created from outside of the IDE. But these days, most projects
that I deal with are Maven. Netbeans works great with Maven. It leverages Maven without messing
with it. In other words, what works in the IDE works on the command line and the other way

Lastly, Netbeans is written in 100% Java and I really like that. I use it on Windows, Mac,
and Linux with no issues. 

But try them all. It's up to you what you like. And these days, most companies let you use
the IDE of your choosing. It is poor practice to make IDE-dependent projects so multiple IDEs
are welcome in most places.


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From: Benjamin Spero [] 
Sent: Sunday, March 29, 2015 4:54 PM
Subject: question about an IDE

I’m new to the mailing list and I have something to ask.  When developing java programs
what do you think is a better IDE to use, Eclipse or Netbeans?  I read somewhere on a website
that Netbeans is developed from the Ant project.  Is this true?  I used jGrasp to develop
my programs when I studied the basic java course.  I notice that jGrasp is not used beyond
the classroom.  Why?  I know my questions may seem fundamental but I’m just learning the
ropes.  I appreciate your help.

Thank you,
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