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From Loren Kratzke <>
Subject RE: [GitHub] ant pull request: increase buffer size to improve transfer speed
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2015 20:11:14 GMT
Just my 2 cents... 

In the year 2015, a 1K buffer is quite small. It is a bottleneck. I personally default to
using 64K buffers unless I know for a fact that I am going to be transferring more than 1GB
in which case I bump to a 1M or larger buffer.

64K or 128K was a lot of RAM back in 1982. I was there. In 1982 a 1K buffer was about the
right size when you had 128K of RAM. These days 1K is not useful for anything. Peoples time
is far more valuable and far less plentiful than this tiny amount of RAM. 

Nobody will notice if they have 63K less free RAM for 30 seconds on a machine with 4GB, but
they will notice when their files copy/transfer 60x faster as pkures has demonstrated. 1 second
vs 1 minute? Increase the buffer size. Make it an option to have a larger (or smaller) buffer,
but the default size should be a sensible default.


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