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From Antoine Levy Lambert <>
Subject Re: [Ivy] A workspace resolver for Ant
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2015 23:38:49 GMT
Hello Nicolas,

I am trying to understand in which use case I would need this resolver. It seems to be in
the case that you want to build using Ant a stack of modules in a directory tree, and use
the target/classes folder of each module as a dependency.

Does this workspace resolver also has something for test classes which usually are output
to a different root folder (for instance target/test-classes).

Best regards Nicolas, great to see all the work you do for ivy.


On Jan 25, 2015, at 4:51 PM, Nicolas Lalevée <> wrote:

> Hi,
> We’ve been wondering if the workspace resolver which exists for IvyDE could be transposed
to the Ant world. I think I have made a working one. And I just pushed it.
> The main issue in the design was about how Ant would be able to describe to Ivy the projects
to take into account, and which would then be their artifacts. As a principle, I didn’t
want to declare the workspace resolver in the ivysettings. Because the settings, for me, should
be quite independent of the environment is it used. For instance I want it to work both within
an Ant build file and in Eclipse with IvyDE. And IvyDE’s workspace resolver doesn’t need
a modification of the end user's ivysettings in order to properly work.
> To describe the modules, I just used a fileset of the ivy.xml files of the projects.
Then everything would be relative to them, just like the buildlist ant task is working.
> Then about declaring the artifacts, I have made them explicit. This might not be the
most flexible. I’m not sure how to do better though.
> Then the integration with Ant would be done via the configure task. Here an exemple.
> <ivy:configure file="ivysettings.xml">
>   <workspaceResolver name="myresolver">
>       <fileset dir="${basedir}" includes="*/ivy.xml" />
>       <artifact type="dir" ext="" path="target/classes" />
>   </workspaceResolver>
> </ivy:configure>
> I have only did some small unit tests for now. This need some proper integration test
to be fully validated.
> Any comment is welcomed.
> Nicolas
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