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From Daniel Walden <>
Subject overriding targets that are extension-of an extension point
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2014 15:33:44 GMT
Hi Ant developers,

I am making use of target overriding in combination with extension-points.
I have the same problem as that discussed here, which will hit me when I upgrade to ant 1.9:

My use-case is identical to the one in Comment #3 of the above-mentioned issue:
- a common script with extension-points and default targets defined;
- a handful of project-specific build files which import these and override just a few targets.

The philosophy I am trying to follow here is where the common script defines the order of
execution of all build steps for all projects, thus achieving a certain degree of uniformity
across our build processes. I have taken an extreme approach
where any targets defined in the project-specific build files are only allowed
to specify the "extension-of" attribute, and not the "depends" attribute, thus forcing all
flow control logic to reside in the common script.

The workaround given in Comment #4 seems too messy/warty to me
... a lot of redundant targets have to be created:

...and the output is not very intuitive, as it suggests to the casual reader that
both "hi" and "hi-impl" were executed, which is not the case:
     [echo] Hello



So, if we leave this workaround to the side for the moment, my question is:
If a target from an common build file can be overridden by declaring a target of
the same name, why is this not also true for targets in the common build file that specify
an "extension-of" attribute?

In Comment #2 it was mentioned that the latter case is considered "dangerous",
but isn't overriding *any* target dangerous in that sense? As a script developer I would first
go and see what I am overriding, see what it depends on, see what it extends, etc.

Is it that the philosophy of removing flow control logic out of project-specific scripts
is not the Ant Way?

Many thanks for your consideration.

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