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From Jan Matèrne (jhm) <>
Subject AW: [VOTE] Release Ant 1.9.4 (second attempt)
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2014 07:20:38 GMT
> a release with many bug fixes and improvements, including the initial
> support for Java 1.9, the possibility to run JUnit tests in multiple
> threads (when they are forked) and the refactoring of Ant's own test
> suite which is now based on JUnit 4.
> I propose to adopt the following as Ant 1.9.4
> SVN tag:
>   revision 1591180
> Tarballs:
>   revision 5204
> Maven Artifacts:
> 1004/org/apache/ant/
> Vote will be open until Monday, May 5 due to upcoming May 1st holiday

We changed from JUnit 3 to JUnit4 for our own tests.
In the we are now defining the version
But we are supporting JUnit3 further I think, so having ant-junit.jar and
ant-junit4.jar remains useful.

Some tests with Java5 on the Ant codebase:
* ant distribution: ok
* ant dist: ok
* ant msi: ok (just missing wix ;)
* ant test: ok (just the known errors on my machine)

Some tests with Java5 on other projects: ok

Had a look at the content: seems to be ok. 
NOTICE-file has "2014" as copyright year.

Running RAT: seems to be ok

So a +1 from me.

But running that version on a more complex build would be helpful (EasyAnt,


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