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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: Antlibs - Compress and Props in Particular
Date Thu, 31 Oct 2013 13:15:25 GMT

Le 31 oct. 2013 à 13:08, Stefan Bodewig <> a écrit :

> Hi all,
> it looks as if we needed to d something about Antlibs.
> Looking at the commit activities it is pretty clear none of them has a
> developer community - some of them have an occasional single committer.
> In general this doesn't mean there is a problem, we could just go on and
> move them to the Attic, mark them dormant or whatever.
> Compress and Props are a bit different:
> * Compress I care about myself and like to create releases when Commons
>  Compress moves forward.  The current vote that would add some new
>  formats fails to attract a single vote.
>  Is there anything I can do to get more people involved?  Should I fork
>  the codebase and cut my release anywhere else (maybe bringing it back
>  here if people get interested, but I doubt it)?
>  I don't want people to just give a +1 because I've invested time.  If
>  I need to create release outside of Apache so be it, no harm done.

I was intending to get time to review the release tomorrow.
But even if I think that this antlib is truly helpful, I don't have any particular interest
in helping maintain it. So don't consider me more than someone helping through the ASF release
process. And by the way, I have no worry doing it, I'm glad software like this one continue
to live. My free time slots are just quite sparse.

About continuing within Apache or not, I always have a preference on within, but I don't mind
much. Actually the antlib that I use the most is ant-contrib, which is not Apache. :)

> * Props is useful and it seems to have users even though we've never cut
>  a release.  See Bugzilla Issue 55716.
>  Do we want to cut a release?  If so, I'd be happy to act as a release
>  manager.  Will there people around to address issues if anything comes
>  up?

I don't know much this antlib, even as a user.


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