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From Riccardo Foschia <>
Subject IvyDE Workspace resolver and "Read OSGi metadata" setting
Date Tue, 22 Oct 2013 15:04:56 GMT
Hi IvyDE developers,

I installed the current trunk version of IvyDE (got it from the update
site for trunk builds. Plugin name is
org.apache.ivyde.feature_2.2.0.beta2-201309081502-hudson-268) and I'm
trying to use the workspace resolver to develop an Eclipse RCP application.

Because I don't know, if the following phenomenon is a feature or a bug
(the docs don' t tell much about it) I thought to send the problem to
dev list:

I'm developing two plugins A and B in the same workspace. B depends on
A. I use an IvyDE classpath container instead of the PDE one for both
plugin projects. A has two packages: api (which is exported, i.e. listed
in the plugin's manifest in section "Export-Package") and impl (which is
not exported, i.e. not listed in the plugin's manifest).

Now it is possible to access classes of package impl of plugin A from
the project of plugin B without getting error markers in Eclipse. After
setting the checkbox "Read OSGi metadata" on the global preferences of
IvyDE I expected that this will cause IvyDE to setup the OSGi visibility
constraints but the code in B that accesses the "hidden" classes from A
is still not marked with an error. If I remove the IvyDE classpath
containers from the plugin projects and use the PDE classpath container
the error markers appear.

My question is: Is this behaviour of the IvyDE classpath container a bug
or is it a feature that the checkbox "Read OSGi metadata" should not
work with project dependencies, i.e. the workspace resolver?

IMHO it would be a great feature if "Read OSGi metadata" and the
workspace resolver would work together so that the workspace resolver
automatically sets up the OSGi visibility constraints for "upstream"
projects in the workspace.

If it's a bug please someone tell me if I should file a bug report and
if I should provide some example code.



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