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From Riccardo Foschia <>
Subject Fixed(?) problem in Ivy's OSGi-Support on Windows
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2013 10:35:07 GMT
Hello Ivy developers,


I'm trying to use Ivy 2.3.0 OSGi support on Windows to develop an
Eclipse plugin and followed exactly the instructions of the sample
"Building an Eclipse plugin" from the Ivy docs. I only changed the value
of the module attribute in the ivy.xml from the sample (see attached

After calling ant task ivy:resolve for this ivy.xml on a Windows machine
with JRE 6 the resolve failed with the following output:

"Problem occurred while parsing ivy file: Unsupported repository,
resources names are not uris in

The problem was that in method parseDescriptor of class
OSGiManifestParser an URISyntaxException occured when constructing the
URI to set for bundleInfo (line 67) because res.getName() returned
C:\java\workspace\de.metalevel.eclipse.mlbuild\META-INF\MANIFEST.MF .

I attached the output of svn diff for the changes I did in class
OSGiManifestParser (SVN base revision was 1532780), see attachment

I also added a "quick and dirty" test to reproduce the problem to test
class OSGiManifestParserTest, see attachment
OSGiManifestParserTest.diff. After I did the change this test is successful.

I also ran the whole test suite of unit tests for Ivy (ant task "test")
and it was successful, so it seems my dirty fix did not break anything.
This was my first contact with Ivy source code and I'm sure that there
are more elegant ways to fix the problem, so I leave it to the experts
to fix it right :-) Thanks to all Ivy developers for such a great tool!



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