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From Tim Enderling <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Accept EasyAnt as a subproject - take 2
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2013 10:03:09 GMT

I didn't know that EasyAnt is still alive. EasyAnt might be exactly what we are looking for
in a solution to modularize our build system and software. Some questions:

Is there a more up-to-date documentation than the one at
skimming through (and besides there a quite a few obvious mistakes in it) it seems to refer
to a release prior to 0.9.

Also: How large is the community of EasyAnt, are there any references for software projects
using it? (I tried to get an idea for that by searching for EasyAnt on stackoverflow, but
that didn't turn out well.) 

Thanks a lot
Tim Enderling

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Nicolas Lalevée []
> Sent: Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013 19:44
> To: Ant Developers List
> Subject: [VOTE] Accept EasyAnt as a subproject - take 2
> Hi,
> This is the come back of the proposal of bringing EasyAnt under the
> umbrella of the Ant PMC.
> There were some discussion on incubator-general about the incubating
> hcatalog project being "graduated" under the umbrella of the Hive PMC. I
> think that our case is more clear and more standard regarding the ASF
> rules, but I'll remind here what is at stake, so there is no
> misunderstanding (I include myself on the potentially misunderstanding
> people).
> EasyAnt code will be brought into Ant's svn tree.
> EasyAnt committers will become Ant committers but not part of the PMC (on 5
> committers, 3 are already Ant ones, and 2 are part of Ant's PMC)
> The Ant PMC will be responsible for the code, the community, the next
> releases of EasyAnt.
> Just like for Ivy. And I like the way it worked. Further more considering
> my path, I think it is good that there is no special right management in
> svn. I started as an IvyDE committer, I ended improving myself Ivy and Ant.
> Since the last vote tentative, the activity on EasyAnt remained the same,
> somehow low but continuous, not much less than Ant developers activity. And
> lately we succeeded to get a release out.
> To get yourself an opinion, here are some links:
> - the EasyAnt project incubator page:
> - the archive of the mailing lists
> - the release
> So, should we accept EasyAnt as a subproject ?
> Please, cast your votes:
> [ ] +1, I accept
> [ ] +0, OK, but..
> [ ] -1, I disapprove, because..
> Nicolas
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