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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Release of IvyDE 2.2 beta
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2012 23:47:36 GMT
I think it's finally ready.

The doc is up to date.
The "branding" has been updated so IvyDE is a adjective and not a noun is the main description.
The announcement has been already prepared there [1]. If you find something wrong or just
spell mistake, please tell.
The RAT report looks quite clean [2].

The updatesite has been migrated there [3]. With the release of IvyDE I will roll out this
new version. The process will be about:
* include the ivyde release in there
* vote for the release
* publish them all on
* svn rm old releases so they will be available from
I have tested the current version on my account on people.a.o [4], with the "fake" distinction
between the release in the main dist and the releases on archive. It works nicely. I have
also checked with wireshark that Eclipse does try to contact apache mirrors: even if I don't
understand how it selects the mirrors in the list, it does try some.
If other people are willing to try it before the release, it will be greatly appreciated,
especially Windows users.

When I will do the release. Well, let's not put dates since I pretty bad with them nowadays
:), but this is my next item in my todo list of opensource stuff.



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