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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1154551 - in /ant/core/trunk/src: main/org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/optional/junit/ tests/antunit/taskdefs/optional/junit/xmlformatter-test.xml
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2011 00:40:27 GMT
On 06/08/2011 10:21 AM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> On 2011-08-06,<>  wrote:
>> URL:
>> Log:
>> never filter out the first line of the exception stack trace in junit so the failure
message is preserved
> The rationale is that since a few releases the word "more" is one that
> is filtered from stack traces and a message like "expected more than"
> will simply disappear from the stack trace.
> Unfortunately some tools (CruiseControl, for example) only show the
> stack traces and not the failure message, which is available.
> This has been reported to the user mailing list.
> Does anybody think the change is a bad idea?  Should it go into the
> "breaks BWC" section of WHATSNEW?
> Stefan
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I can't imagine that anybody would rely on the old behaviour being 
present. In order to do so they would first have to identify the bug and 
figure out the conditions under which the line would disappear, in which 
case they would in all likelihood have reported the problem. The entry 
in WHATSNEW seems fine to me, as does the FAQ entry.

I don't think the fix is a bad idea although it is certainly hackish. 
Bob was right that a regular expression would be a somewhat better 
solution, but that is way more intrusive a change and still wouldn't 
always do the right thing. This change seems to get the job done 
addressing the known problems without overengineering, so +1.

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