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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: support for symlinks
Date Fri, 29 Oct 2010 08:09:05 GMT
On 2010-10-27, Max Birkoff wrote:

> I must admit to being a little confused by your suggestion. On one
> hand you seem to say "go to another project" and on the other hand,
> ant's code base contains the tar code that I have been using and would
> like to improve.


This is what I wanted to say:

If you are using Ant's codebase to get access to the tar package, then I
recommend you use Commons Compress instead (and improve that).  The tar
package in Commons Compress started as a copy of Ant's code but already
has been improved with things Ant itself doesn't need.

> Do you plan to remove from your code base?


Since I'm a committer on Commons Compress as well as Ant I usually merge
bugfixes from one to the other, but I don't invest time into merging
enhancements that wouldn't be used by the tar/untar tasks in Ant.

And then there is the Compress Antlib which also contains tar/untar
classes based on Commons Compress.  Personally I prefer working on the
Compress Antlib over adding features to the core tasks because it is
easier - that doesn't stop other Ant committers from doing it in a
different way.

> Is supporting symlinks in a tar file just unimportant to ant?

So far it hasn't been important enough to any user of Ant in way that
would have led to a patch.  That's all I know.


PS: yes, I've seen you've already approached Commons Compress and will
look into the JIRA issue, I just can't promise a timeframe for it right

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