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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject [RESULT][VOTE] Remove commercial tasks from Ant
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2010 23:25:44 GMT
The results of the vote are in. Both motions passed.

The motion to drop the commercial tasks from the binary release of Ant 
had 13 +1 votes for almost all the commercial tasks, and no -1 votes. 
The one exception was the Server Deploy subtasks, which Gilles voted +0 
on, resulting in 12 +1 votes and 1 +0 vote. Stefan also expressed some 
concern about the complexity of moving them to Antlibs. We should 
probably discuss how to move these separately now that their removal has 
been approved.

The motion to move the tasks into their own Antlibs had 10 +1 votes and 
3 +0 votes with no -1 votes. This motion also passes.

Votes came from Stefan, Gilles, Jesse, Jan, Kevin, Dominique, Antoine, 
Matt, Conor, myself, Peter, Martijn, and Maarten,

The next step I'd like to take is to contact all the companies that make 
the commercial software whose tasks we are removing. With any luck some 
of them will take over responsibility for the tasks. It will take me a 
while to do this, though (I've just recently changed cities so my life 
is in a bit of upheaval) so if anyone wants to help out, particularly if 
they have connections in some of the organizations involved, please let 
me know and we can coordinate things.

Once we have alerted the parties involved about the change, we can start 
removing the tasks and creating new Antlibs in the sandbox. Are there 
targets available anywhere to facilitate the creation of standard new 

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