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From Gilbert Rebhan <>
Subject Re: ant+soap+ssl
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2010 22:01:12 GMT
-------- Original Message  --------
Subject: Re: ant+soap+ssl
From: Paul King <>
To: Ant Developers List <>
Date: 15.03.2010 22:29

> I'd probably use Groovy or whatever your favorite JVM scripting language
> is.
> Groovy-WS is the library you would need. It uses Apache CXF under the
> covers.
> If you have trouble getting started I can try to find one of my existing
> examples that does something similar.
> Cheers, Paul.

Hi, Paul

Thanks for your quick reponse.
Thought of groovy already, because i'm a great fan of (j)ruby and both
have similarities, but have never tried groovy seriously before.
Also i have no further experience with webservices, i know the theory
and some basics, but have not really dealt with it.
Groovy is on my list for years, so maybe now is the time, any examples
are appreciated !

Regards, Gilbert

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