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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: Questions about new (1.8) PropertyHelper+pals...
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 23:53:30 GMT

On Jan 8, 2010, at 5:24 PM, Wascally Wabbit wrote:

> Hello all--
> I've just reviewed the latest Ant trunk (1.8RC1 I believe) to estimate
> how much effort it would take to port my extensions (esp. those
> dependent on the 1.7x PropertyHelper implementation). For this class
> I have a few questions about current code:

Firstly, Wabbit.... I am somewhat at a loss because I personally  
attempted, twice if I recall correctly, to engage you on this subject  
back when the API redesign was taking place, what, over two years  
ago?  I don't want to appear unwilling to work with you here, but...  
wow.  This could have been a lot easier then, especially considering  
the difference in code familiarity two years makes.  In all honesty,  
I've found a lot less time than I would like to work on OSS lately.   
Ant in particular (and I hope this won't offend any of my comrades)  
has suffered neglect from many of its developers as of late; I  
vehemently include myself among the guilty.

> 1) No way for an evaluator to test if it's already installed as
> getDelegates() is protected and there is no public getEvaluators()
> method.

This is a fair assessment for you to have made from the API; however  
the (base) implementation of PropertyHelper actually discards equal  
delegates as they are installed.  We could document this fact, and  
probably make the method final.  Would that suffice?

> 2) Still no way to have PropertyHelpers passed through to subprojects
> automatically (all configuration lost). [See Project.initSubproject]

I can see how this might be desirable, but what happens when said  
subproject installs a completely new PropertyHelper that has no idea  
how to cope with the properties the parent project expects the  
subproject to know how to interpret?  This would seem to want more  

> 3) Even with the current rework, installing a recursive property
> evaluator requires that I replace the entire PropertyHelper because:
>   1) The ParseProperties utility is created directly by the helper
>      and that's where the algorithm basically lies. I would be nice
>      to replace just *this* bit...
>   2) The ParseProperties seems to be assuming a sequential walk thru
>      the input string (it moves from left->right first getting a
>      property name then mapping that name to a value...) Maybe I'm
>      missing something here (I hope)?...

I am far less familiar with the relevant code now, but a recursive  
property evaluator is certainly possible because it exists in the  
[props] sandbox Antlib, which we will promote to proper and release  
shortly after Ant 1.8.0 is released.  I think perhaps what you've  
missed is that ParseProperties is not meant to be extended by  
PropertyHelper extensions (although I suppose in dire need it could  
be extended or bypassed); it's simply a class which contains the  
algorithms for parsing properties using whatever PropertyExpander  
delegates live in the active PropertyHelper.

> Any feedback would be appreciated!


> Thanks,
> -The Wabbit
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