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From Wascally Wabbit <>
Subject Re: Questions about new (1.8) PropertyHelper+pals...
Date Sat, 09 Jan 2010 01:28:16 GMT

Yea I think I did respond some eons back...basically saying "do whatever
you need to do" and I'll just port (if possible) to the final interface.
Unfortunately, I don't have access to newsgroups at work and don't get
to do much catch up on the weekends so I didn't want to hold up any
active development. I figured I'd just work with what the developer
group released...even if that meant chucking some extensions that were
made obsolete or that I couldn't port.

-The Wabbit

Matt Benson wrote:
> And also, looking through mail archives I see that you have participated 
> somewhat at least in 2007.  The thread I found, however, shows me 
> responding to you, but no return response from you:  
> .  I guess we should just 
> proceed from where we are now.
> -Matt
> On Jan 8, 2010, at 5:24 PM, Wascally Wabbit wrote:
>> Hello all--
>> I've just reviewed the latest Ant trunk (1.8RC1 I believe) to estimate
>> how much effort it would take to port my extensions (esp. those
>> dependent on the 1.7x PropertyHelper implementation). For this class
>> I have a few questions about current code:
>> 1) No way for an evaluator to test if it's already installed as
>> getDelegates() is protected and there is no public getEvaluators()
>> method.
>> 2) Still no way to have PropertyHelpers passed through to subprojects
>> automatically (all configuration lost). [See Project.initSubproject]
>> 3) Even with the current rework, installing a recursive property
>> evaluator requires that I replace the entire PropertyHelper because:
>>   1) The ParseProperties utility is created directly by the helper
>>      and that's where the algorithm basically lies. I would be nice
>>      to replace just *this* bit...
>>   2) The ParseProperties seems to be assuming a sequential walk thru
>>      the input string (it moves from left->right first getting a
>>      property name then mapping that name to a value...) Maybe I'm
>>      missing something here (I hope)?...
>> Any feedback would be appreciated!
>> Thanks,
>> -The Wabbit
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