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From Gilles Scokart <>
Subject Re: Documentation Clarification
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2009 18:52:03 GMT
2009/2/10 Steve Appling <>:
> I am working on a patch with some minor edits (mostly typos and
> grammatical errors) to the documentation, but have a question about the
> meaning of one line that just doesn't make sense for me.
> The "How does it work" page
> (, in
> the Resolve section contains following line:
>> All over this traversal, conflict management are done to prevent the
>> access to a module as soon as possible.
> If someone can explain to me what this is trying to say, I'll be glad to
> include this in my patch.

The idea is that ivy tries to avoid to download/parse/resolve
meta-data of ivy files (or pom) that will be evicted.  In other word,
we tried to evict as early as possible, and if possible before
'processing' this node.

I hope you can translate that in english.

FYI, this is quiet different to what Mercury does. Mercury loads every
meta data of all revison in order to find the best match (with best
being defined by some +/- complex criteria).

> Also, would you prefer for a documentation patch to be added to a JIRA
> issue or just posted to this mailing list?

Jira is better (don't forget the checkbox saying you allow your
contribution to included)


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