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From "Gilles Scokart" <>
Subject Re: Deploying to a Maven Repo with Ivy
Date Thu, 16 Oct 2008 10:39:16 GMT
Even if you have a single jar, that can work.  To continue with you
example of "hibernate.jar" with a withEHCache and
withDistributedTransactions configuration, you could have 3 modules
generated.  One will be the hibernate-core which will be a classical
pom with an artefact (and probably the common dependencies).  The 2
others would be hibernate-withEHCache and
hibernate-withDistributedTransactions, each being pure poms, with
their specific dependencies and with a compile dependencies to

Of curse if some classes of the hibernate-core are only usefull in a
specific conf, it would be better to put those classes into a specific
artefact.  But using pure pom module, it is not required.

2008/10/16 Hans Dockter <>:
> On Oct 16, 2008, at 10:14 AM, Hans Dockter wrote:
>> On Oct 15, 2008, at 9:50 AM, Gilles Scokart wrote:
>>> Concerning the mapping, did you have thought to map one ivy module to
>>> multiple maven poms.  I think that if you want to keep the same
>>> richness, when you have an ivy file with multiple "functional"
>>> configurations, you should generate multiple poms, one for each
>>> "functional" configuration that you have.  I think it is the only way
>>> to keep an explicit name for those configurations.
>>> Did you already considered such aproach?
>> I haven't thought about this yet. But in regard to pom generation this
>> would be no problem. We could simply have multiple instances of the pom
>> generator with different mapping configurations and deploy all of them. The
>> logic on top would need to accommodate this. But wouldn't this mean that you
>> deploy the same artifact multiple times, but with different names? Those
>> poms would need to have a different artifactId.
> My phrasing might be confusing here. Provided we one module jar to publish,
> let's say it is hibernate.jar. How would you express with Maven the fact
> that this module has different configurations (e.g. withEHCache,
> withDistributedTransactions, ...)? Your proposal is to use multiple poms.
> But those poms would obviously need to have different artifactId's.
> Therefore the module jar the pom is referring to, would need to have the
> name of this artifactId. Hence you need to deploy the hibernate jar multiple
> times with different names. That is my understanding of Maven. I don't know
> if Maven offers other ways here to do things.
> If the module has multiple jars to publish and you have a 1:1 mapping
> between configuration and jar, this would work.
> - Hans
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> Hans Dockter
> Gradle Project lead
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Gilles Scokart

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