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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Improvements of the IvyDE updatesite
Date Sun, 28 Sep 2008 14:32:48 GMT
Now that we have a little more experience with the maintenance of an  
Eclipse updatesite, I see some points that needs improvements.

During the release of Ivy, there was a period when the updatesite is  
somehow "released" with the new jars and waiting for the vote, but not  
in svn, only on the release manager's machine. I think we should  
improve that and do some release branches for the updatesite.

Another point that seems to me now just complicating the release  
process for no real usefullness. The main Eclipse updatesite is there:, whereas the jars are  
deployed on the "mirrors", on 
. Actually there is no need to have the update site deployed on Everything can be handled on 
. In fact we can already use 
  as the main updatesite of IvyDE. We can merge them, so the main  
updatesite will also be the mirror one, this will simplify the  
deployment of the updatesite. And from the end user point of view it  
will just be another url.

So my proposal:
  - deprecate now (but not disable it) 
  and recommand to use
  - create with a  
trunk-branches-tags structure
  - move the updatesite build system from the site build system to  
that new updatesite "project", so the deprecated updatesite will be  
manual partial copy of that new main one.
  - update the release doc accordingly

And once we decide to disable the update site on remove  
the updatesite artifacts from the site, so it would be not accessible  
anymore, and just keep the cgi script that compute the urls of the  
apache mirrors.



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