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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Ivy svn breaks ant-contrib svn
Date Thu, 17 Jul 2008 08:00:26 GMT
On Wed, 16 Jul 2008, Xavier Hanin <> wrote:

> Yes, I think setSettingsId is the good method to call, 2.0.0-beta2 was
> broken in that sense. Introducing a setId method for backward compatiblity
> with something broken in concept doesn't sound really nice IMO. We will
> probably forget to remove it after, I don't like it too much. IMO antcontrib
> should be built either against trunk, or against beta2, but not both.
> But maybe others have a different opinion?

This is exactly the kind of change that Gump was designed to catch and
I'm glad it did.  I don't really have an opinion on the particular
change but am a strong proponent of not breaking APIs in general (at
least not without a deprecation period).

Right now ant-contrib doesn't have anything but beta2 to build
against, so it must use setId.  Once the next Ivy release is available
they (we, sometimes it's hard to wear different hats) can switch to
setSettingsId - or more precisely must.  This forces ant-contrib to
lock step its release plan with Ivy's - if there was such a plan.

I'd avoid using reflection and in this particular case don't really
care too much, so I will simply keep Gump broken until Ivy has a new
artifact ant-contrib can build against.  It may be something you
should keep in mind when preparing the release notes of the next Ivy
release, though.


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