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From Pavel Krupets <>
Subject Ivy Usage...
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2008 19:07:53 GMT

Want to say thanks to everybody who is developing Ivy/Ant. Want to share 
how I use Ivy.


We are working on quite a big project and it has lots of modules (and I 
really want to manage/enforce modules dependencies). Managing 
dependencies and artifacts from each module was quite a pain before I 
discovered Ivy. I use Ivy during build to publish build artifacts into 
local file system repository so they can be used later during build by 
modules who depend on them. So all dependencies are checked and enforced 
during build process.

Another good point is that module build files became very simple and 
it's very easy to put everything together.

I also use configuration named 'libs' which extends all configurations 
required to build project, so after retrieving (using ant libs) all 
artifacts they can be added to IDE.


There is one drawback, while I can access different repositories I 
couldn't copy one repository to another (replace one with another). I 
use this to install local repository so people can work without 
accessing network.

P.S. And of course I use Ivy to manage dependencies on 3rd party libraries.


With regards,
Pavel Krupets

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