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From <>
Subject AW: Adding magic properties for targets?
Date Fri, 30 May 2008 09:21:57 GMT
> Colm's patch in
> <> adds two
> new magic properties, one for the build's default target and one for
> the targets specified on the command line (or via <*ant*>).
> IIRC such properties have been suggested many moons ago and rejected,
> but now the dev community is a different one and maybe we do see some
> things differently today.  I know that I do, i.e. I'd probably add
> them today.
> Before I start to discuss gritty details of a really trivial patch,
> let's have a quick poll so we know whether such a feature would be
> acceptable.  If anybody out there would reject either property, could
> you please raise your hand?

   +1 : I am not sure if there is need, but I dont see any reason of
hiding that information
        as it currently available via project instance.

   +1 : Also, we dont have to hide anything. The value should be a list
of targets 
        as specified while invocation without any dependency-resolution.

These properties should be set while parsing/project-initialization, so
which dont use the Launcher, have these properties too.


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