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From Adrian Sandor <>
Subject Mapping source artifacts in Ivy
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 06:49:23 GMT
Hi, I'd like to ask about 2 problems I encountered in the process of 
building an Ivy repository:

1. Is it possible to define an artifact to belong to the "intersection" 
of 2 configurations?
Generally, in my modules I have at least 2 configurations: compile and 
devel; compile is the minimum required to get the code to compile, and 
devel extends compile and is supposed to include sources and javadocs.
In slf4j for example, I have several jar artifacts: slf4j-api, 
slf4j-jdk14, slf4j-log4j12 etc. So I defined some more configurations, 
such as jdk and log4j, extending compile.
Now, for each jar artifact I also have a source artifact. But I only 
want the sources to be accessible in the devel configuration. So for 
example, slf4j-log4j12 sources should belong to the intersection of the 
devel and log4j configurations.
Is there a way to define that in ivy? So far, the only solution I found 
is to define yet another configuration for each such case, e.g. 
devel-log4j extends log4j, and then that doesn't extends devel, so I 
have to write mappings like devel->devel,devel-log4j
This is not just about source artifacts; as Archie mentioned in a 
previous email, each module may be configured along several 
"dimensions", and if that leads to exponential growth in the number of 
configurations (that need to be defined explicitly), then it can very 
quickly get out of hand.

2. Can we have a way to define the source (or javadoc, or whatever) 
artifact(s) associated with a jar artifact?
Currently, the convention seems to be to have artifacts with the same 
name and different type. E.g. artifact name="slf4j-api" type="source" 
associates with artifact name="slf4j-api" type="jar".
But what if, for example, I have the source for all slf4j artifacts in It would be nice to have a way to define that as the same 
source artifact for all the jar artifacts. Same for javadocs.

What do you think?


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