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From Andrus Adamchik <>
Subject Looking for home for DBPatch Ant task
Date Thu, 10 Apr 2008 13:27:25 GMT
I developed an Ant task to maintain an evolving database schema via a  
series of SQL scripts called "db patches". Now looking for an advice  
from the Ant community on what would be a good home for such task.

Some background... The task was developed by a single ASF committer  
(me) in the course of Apache Cayenne development [1]. Cayenne project  
already includes a number of Cayenne-specific Ant tasks, but this one  
sticks out in that it has nothing to do with Cayenne. It is a generic  
task that any project with a database can use. So Cayenne is not a  
good home for it.

Since it is a general-purpose task, making it an Ant core or an  
optional task seems appropriate. It requires no incubation or a code  
donation grant, as it was developed 100% within the ASF. Also it has  
no external dependencies except for Ant (and a runtime dependency on a  
JDBC driver).

On the other hand it implies a certain simple workflow, so it is  
somewhat different form say Copy or Tar.

Also it is small enough to maintain it as a standalone project.

So what are the thoughts of the Ant developers on that?

Andrus Adamchik


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