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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Merging rev 628990 to the 1.7.x branch
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2008 13:16:49 GMT
On Wed, 20 Feb 2008, Kevin Jackson <> wrote:

> Hi Stefan,
>> Is it OK if I merge
>> <> into the
>> 1.7.x branch before we release 1.7.1 (maybe even before Kev creates
>> the RC build, but I'd like to have his opinion here first).
> I don't have a problem with merging a fix providing:
> a: All tests pass on full build/test cycle

The patch has been in during the latest Gump run and hasn't caused any
test failures that haven't been there before.  neither in Ant nor any
other project AFAICT.

> b: The cactus people (devs & if possible users) commit to test the
> RC! :)

Petar (who is "the Cactus people right" now, unfortunately) has
already tested trunk and I'm sure we can convince him to test the RC.

> Agreed and joking aside +1 from me I'll run through the test cycle
> on my various jdks/platforms today (hopefully)

Do you want me to do the merge or are you going to do that yourself?

> I *really* want to build a beta within this week (do I need a vote
> on a beta?)

Any kind of release needs a vote, unless we don't call it a release.
But let's not go down there.

Releases are majority votes, so if you get the majority of the PMC to
+1 the beta in less than a week, you are ready to go since later votes
cannot change the outcome anymore.


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