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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: Merging rev 628990 to the 1.7.x branch
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2008 15:05:50 GMT

> I will cooperate to you in 100% and will test the RC. I still have a
> question.
> When is the RC planned to be released? And also, when is the next release
> of Ant 1.7.1 planned to be released?

At the moment I need to retest with the latest patch merged back into
the 1.7.1 branch

So a rough timeline:
- tonight/tomorrow merge the fix into 1.7.1 and run the test cycle on
linux + jdk5&jdk6 and winxp +jdk4 & jdk5 & jdk6
- wait until other people have time to retest the branch (2 days)
- call for beta vote
- upload beta to (unsigned use at own risk version)
- X weeks of waiting in case major regression (where I hope X is 2!)
- call for release vote
- (need to coral someone to sign the release)
- release

If anyone thinks this plan is good/bad/too short/too long etc please say so :)
NB. As it's the first time I'm releasing there's a good chance that
this timeline will deviate


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