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From Jeffrey E Care <>
Subject Re: Tasks in parallel
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2008 20:35:39 GMT
One thread per file? Hows that going to help for a fileset that selects 50 
files? 100? 1000?

Don't get me wrong - to build WebSphere we have many custom tasks that 
spawn worker threads. My point is that you have to be smart about how you 
build in multthreading support; simply spawning a thread for every unit of 
work isn't very smart & for cases where you have many many units of work 
you're more likely to make things worse than better.


Jeffrey E. (Jeff) Care 
IBM WebSphere Application Server 
WAS Release Engineering 

Vijay Aravamudhan <> 
02/26/2008 02:36 PM
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"Ant Developers List" <>

Ant Developers List <>

Tasks in parallel

I know that there is already a parallel task. But...

We have a build file which goes something like this:

<fileset refid="foo">
<copy todir="blah">
    <fileset id="foo"/>

(I have omitted the unnecessary bits for this example)

Consider the scenario where the file transfer takes a long time: would 
it be a good idea to have the copy/scp/ftp tasks create different 
threads for each file? I know I can separate the fileset into individual 
files and then create multiple copy commands that are wrapped inside a 
parallel task. But that defeats the purpose of defining the fileset in 
the first place. What do you think?


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