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From <>
Subject AW: Tasks in parallel
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2008 05:57:01 GMT
> > Consider the scenario where the file transfer takes a long time:
> > would it be a good idea to have the copy/scp/ftp tasks create
> > different threads for each file?
> There is no built-in support for anything like this in Ant, no.
> I could imagine that we'd add a patch that enabled optional (on
> user-demand) parallel behavior for these tasks.  Personally I see the
> point for the network transfer kind of tasks, but wouldn't want it on
> copy, but that may be my experience with a very slow disk in my
> notebook.

At first step for improving performance I would think about skipping
Why to try to upload a lot of files which havent changed and are already
In that case: 


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