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From "Adrian Sandor" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] release Ivy 2.0.0-beta2?
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 06:18:51 GMT
On Feb 11, 2008 4:24 AM, Xavier Hanin wrote:

> > - 3 tags for cache configuration: settings, caches and cache
> The settings on the settings tag are mainly due to legacy. We could indeed
> deprecate them to move all cache settings to the caches element. cache
> element should now only the defition of one cache, so I don't see how we
> could avoid that.

I also said "cache" tags could be ok as they are now. Two tags (caches and
cache) are acceptable.

> > - inconsistent/confusing attributes on the settings tag: defaultCache
> and
> > resolutionCacheDir - different naming styles although they're both
> > directories; and both of them specify the resolution cache but
> > defaultCache
> > also specifies the repository cache?
> Yes, this is a legacy problem, but I agree it's confusing. Maybe we can
> rename it to defaultCacheDir, and deprecate defaultCache.

So, if I understand correctly, right now settings/defaultCache is the
default for both resolution and repository cache;
settings/resolutionCacheDir overrides it for resolution, caches/basedir
overrides it for repository, and cache/basedir overrides caches/basedir (for
Perhaps we can move settings/resolutionCacheDir to
caches/resolutionCacheDir, rename caches/basedir to
caches/repositoryCacheDir, and either remove settings/defaultCache or move
it to caches/defaultCacheDir.

> > - some confusion between "defaultCache" on settings, "default" on
> caches,
> > and "default-cache"
> Again, if we rename defaultCache in defaultCacheDir, I think this would be
> less confusing. Would this be enough in your opinion?

It would definitely help. Probably good enough, if the docs are clear.

> > - ivy and artifact patterns everywhere
> What's the problem with that? Could you elaborate?

settings/cacheIvyPattern and settings/cacheArtifactPattern vs
caches/ivyPattern and caches/artifactPattern, they're redundant.

Also these have changed since beta 1 (cache/repositoryIvyPattern and
cache/repositoryArtifactPattern), and so did the resolution/repository dir
attributes. Change itself is not bad, we should just make sure the new way
is really better.


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