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From Dean Schulze <>
Subject Re: AW: Need documentation change for if / unless
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2008 15:08:34 GMT

You couldn't be more wrong about the lack of documentation of the non-use of the ${} notation
in if / unless.

The section about targets DOES NOT say that you don't use the ${} notation for if / unless.
 It does say this, however:

'This is done by placing the property name between "${" and "}" in the attribute value.'

which leads you to believe that you need ${} notation wherever you need a property in an attribute,
such as in if / unless.

How about helping your users out and making it clear that you don't use ${} notation with
if / unless, in marked contrast to everywhere else in Ant.

Since if / unless are apparently the only place in Ant where you don't use ${} notation that
fact should also be pointed out explicitly so people don't forget the ${} notation elsewhere.

Rainer Noack <> wrote: Hi Dean,

${} refers to the value of a property.
if / unless attributes refers to the existence (i.e. name) of a property.

IMHO, the different notation is reasonable.

However, this syntax and behaviour is pointed out explicitely in the manual:
->Using Ant->Targets



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Von: Dean Schulze [] 
Gesendet: Samstag, 2. Februar 2008 16:15
Betreff: Need documentation change for if / unless

I filed this bug regarding the use of the if and unless attributes of

Matt Benson pointed out that the problem is that you don't use the ${}
notation when naming a property in an if or unless attribute.  This is
confusing because everywhere else in Ant when you reference a property you
use the ${} notation.

The documentation for Targets doesn't mention this:

The fact that you don't use ${} notation for the if / unless attributes
needs be made explicit in the documentation.

Are there any other places where you use a property without using the ${}
notation?  If so these also need to be made explicit.  If the if / unless
attributes are the only place where this applies that should also be noted
in the documentation for if / unless.



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