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From Tony Rogers <>
Subject Re: Ant Documentation
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2007 21:38:19 GMT

Thanks for the response. :) 

One quick thought…

Kevin Jackson wrote:
> The docbook route for ant has been discussed a few times previously, I
> even got the first part of the manual converted to pdf via saxen+fop,
> but the discussion has revolved around a way of making the
> documentation buildable - ie extracting it from metadata placed in the
> Java src.
Well, I found the following project on SourceForge, which uses Java's
Doclet API such that running JavaDoc outputs data to XML instead of HTML:

If the output is XML, then (theoretically) it could be transformed into
DocBook format.  Does this fulfill the desired effect?

(This entirely depends on how semantically rich the output XML is, and I
have not tested this project myself.  But I thought you might be

> Please search the archives for previous documentation discussions.
Oh, my.  Mailing list archives are intimidating.  May I request a brief
synopsis?  Nothing lengthy, just a bullet-list of pros and cons or
something similar?

> I'm sure other people will chime in sooner or later too :)
Not so far.  :( 

Anybody else wanna add their 2 cents?

Thanks for your help!

-- Tony

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