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From "Peter Arrenbrecht" <>
Subject [junit task] Trying to make the test runner not query test names unless there is a failure
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 08:37:49 GMT
Hi all

I am running a suite of some hundreds of thousands of tests. In case
of failure, I want to return a name with lots of context information.
This name, however, is a bit expensive to build. So I don't want it
queried for successful tests.

The current JUnitTask, however, always turns on the test listener,
which in turn logs the names to a dummy output writer:

            runner = delegate.newJUnitTestRunner(test, test.getHaltonerror(),
                                         test.getHaltonfailure(), false,
                                         true, classLoader);

(the second to last argument sets logTestListenerEvents to true).

Why is logTestListenerEvents always true? At least if showOutput is
false, I think one could set it to false. After all, the results
formatters seem to use their own listener.

Thanks for any clarifications,

ps. A workaround of sorts is to only return full context in toString()
and return a simple name in getName(). But I still would like Ant to
avoid calling getName() when it is not needed.

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