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From Martijn Kruithof <>
Subject Re: Ant SVN Trunk - errors in LocatorTest & RmicAdvancedTest
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2007 16:52:31 GMT
Steve Loughran schreef:
> Kev Jackson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> After Steve's work yesterday, I was going to pull in the changes to 
>> the release to try and get a clean build...but:
>> (these errors occur with the svn trunk code)
>> LocatorTest testNetworkURI Failure Expected 
>> file:\\PC03\jclasses\lib\ant-1.7.0.jar to resolve to 
>> \\PC03\jclasses\lib\ant-1.7.0.jar but got 
>> D:\\PC03\jclasses\lib\ant-1.7.0.jar 
>> expected:<[]\\PC03\jclasses\lib\...> but 
>> was:<[D:]\\PC03\jclasses\lib\...>
>> I'm not sure what this should be - \\ is a unc path right, and 
>> windows should support that, so I'm not sure where the D: comes from 
>> (except that's the local disk that I'm running the ant tests from)
>> LocatorTest testUnixNetworkPath Failure Expected 
>> file://cluster/home/ant/lib to resolve to \\cluster\home\ant\lib but 
>> got D:\\cluster\home\ant\lib expected:<[]\\cluster\home\ant\l...> but 
>> was:<[D:]\\cluster\home\ant\l...>
>> Should this execute at all on a windows machine?
> I hadnt decided what the right outcome here was...the code has the 
> option of us providing a separate windows expected string, but we need 
> to know what to expect
> If I type, in ie7, file://morzine/slo I get a new windows explorer 
> window opening up to the share \\morzine\slo
> If I type, in ie6, file://morzine/slo the IE6 window turns into an 
> windows explorer window showing the share \\morzine\slo  in icon vew

In firefox i have to type
(Yes that's 5 slashes) before it opens an share
file:// is the base
/ represents root
and // reprensents the start of the share
It won't settle for more or less slashes.

I still have to test under java uri handling


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