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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Ant SVN Trunk - errors in LocatorTest & RmicAdvancedTest
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2007 01:49:36 GMT

After Steve's work yesterday, I was going to pull in the changes to the 
release to try and get a clean build...but:

(these errors occur with the svn trunk code)

LocatorTest testNetworkURI Failure Expected 
file:\\PC03\jclasses\lib\ant-1.7.0.jar to resolve to 
\\PC03\jclasses\lib\ant-1.7.0.jar but got 
D:\\PC03\jclasses\lib\ant-1.7.0.jar expected:<[]\\PC03\jclasses\lib\...> 
but was:<[D:]\\PC03\jclasses\lib\...>

I'm not sure what this should be - \\ is a unc path right, and windows 
should support that, so I'm not sure where the D: comes from (except 
that's the local disk that I'm running the ant tests from)

LocatorTest testUnixNetworkPath Failure Expected 
file://cluster/home/ant/lib to resolve to \\cluster\home\ant\lib but got 
D:\\cluster\home\ant\lib expected:<[]\\cluster\home\ant\l...> but 

Should this execute at all on a windows machine?

RmicAdvancedTest testWlrmic Error Error starting WebLogic rmic:
Error starting WebLogic rmic:

I have the weblogic* jars and the ant- stubs so there shouldn't be an 
issue finding classes

RmicAdvancedTest testWlrmicJArg Error Error starting WebLogic rmic:
Error starting WebLogic rmic:

When we can resolve these last couple of things I'll pull the changes 
into the branch - re-test (on java6+win, java5+win and java4+win, 
java6+*nix, java5+*nix and java4+*nix), finally if everything looks ok 
I'll post a vote for alpha release of 1.7.1 ok?


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